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"Tesoro Di Mauro" - miniature poodles in apricot & red


"Tesoro Di Mauro"

It is a small breeding with great success in the ring. My dogs have a happy and fulfilled life and the part of my family.

Dwarf poodles are my main goal, occasionally I have toys.



"Tesoro Di Mauro" - barboni nani nei colori albicocca e rosso fulvo

"Tesoro Di Mauro" - Un piccolo allevamento amatoriale.

    Bandiera di Molise BARBONI  





NEW: DNA test results of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - "A" - Clear/Normal !!!

Qiulli Aurea Ytaner - "clear" (A)

Baiona Tesoro Di Mauro - "clear" (A)

Casablanca Tesoro Di Mauro - "clear" (A)

Flinchal Tesoro Di Mauro - "clear" (A)

F-Midas Glow Tesoro Di Mauro - "clear" (A) 


F-Midas Glow Tesoro Di Mauro

"Canadian CH. F-Midas Glow Tesoro Di Mauro, Bred by Anna and Domenico di Mauro, born in Italy, completed his 10 points with the special help of the lovely professional grooming by Kim Wendling and always owned handled by myself! I'm so proud of my little treasure! 
He was presented in Europe with many achevements including Ch in Monte Negro, Ch. in Slovakia and Ch. in Macedonia. Thank you Di Mauro Anna for all you dd for him. He is precious to me."

Owner: Gloria Koolsbergen, kennel "Glow", Montreal - Canada 


New litter dwarf apricot poodles


All puppies from this litter are reserved. 


father: multi CH Gold Leis Berst of Joy (Finland) 

30 cm., prcd PRA -"A", DM - "A", pat.lux. -0/0, kararakt - free


mother: C.I.B. multi CH Baiona Tesoro Di Mauro 

29 cm., prcd PRA -"A", DM -"A", patl.lux.-0/0, katarakt - free


3 male & 1 female 


more info: 


NEW: DNA test result of rcd4 PRA - "A" - Clear/Normal !!!

*Baiona Tesoro Di Mauro - rcd4 PRA: N/N "A" (Laboklin)

*Gold Leis Berst of Joy - rcd4 PRA: N/N "A" (OptiGen)

and puppies from "G" litter -  rcd4 PRA: N/N "A" by parents