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"Tesoro Di Mauro" - miniature poodles in apricot & red


"Tesoro Di Mauro"

It is a small breeding with great success in the ring. My dogs have a happy and fulfilled life and the part of my family.

Poodles are my main goal, occasionally I have toys.



"Tesoro Di Mauro" - barboni nani nei colori albicocca e rosso fulvo

"Tesoro Di Mauro" - Un piccolo allevamento amatoriale.

Molise in Italia.svg BARBONI    Bandiera di Molise  BARBONI  

 Molise borders with Abruzzo to the north, Puglia to the east, Lazio to the west and Campania to the south. It has 35 kilometers of sandy coastline to the northeast, located on the Adriatic Sea, facing the Tremiti Islands. The territory of Molise is predominantly mountainous with 55% of the mountains and 45% of the hills that descend towards the sea.




NEW: DNA test results of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - "A" - Clear/Normal !!!

Qiulli Aurea Ytaner - "clear" (A)

Baiona Tesoro Di Mauro - "clear" (A)

Casablanca Tesoro Di Mauro - "clear" (A)

Flinchal Tesoro Di Mauro - "clear" (A)

F-Midas Glow Tesoro Di Mauro - "clear" (A) 

NEW: Ranking 2018 for March of Planet Poodle

n.1 -  CH Qiulli Aurea Ytaner

n.3 -  CH Delhi Tesoro Di Mauro 

n.4 - JCH Flinchal Tesoro Di Mauro 

n.6 - CH Delfi Tesoro Di Mauro 

n.6 - JCH F-Midas Glow Tesoro Di Mauro