Qiulli Aurea Ytaner - "Ulli"

22.02.2007 - 28.07.2020

Most winning dwarf apricot poodle

Champion in Egypt, Estonia, Bielorussia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Ukraine, Republika Srpska, Lithuania, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Portugal, Costa Rica, Phillipine, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Moldova, Georgia, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, San Marino, Cyprus, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Germany VDH & DPK & VDP, Austria, Italy, France, Croatia
Winner Champion DPK, Grand Champion in Moldavia, Grand Champion in Bulgaria, Grand Champion in Czech Republic, Balkan Champion, Caucasian Champion, Mediterranean Champion, Baltic Champion
Youth Champion in Germany VDP, Italy, Switzerland, San Marino. 20xBEST Junior ( in 7 countries),
Youth Limburg Winner-07, VDH European Youth Winner-08, Youth Mediteraner Winner-08, Youth Lisbon Winner-08. <br>
Central-Eastern European Winner-08, Zagreb Winner-08, DPK Winner-08, VDP Winner-08, Limburg Winner-08, Eurodogshow Winner 08 & 09, Alpe Adria Winner-09, Saarland Winner-09, Amsterdam Winner-09, EAST Winner-2010, Afrodite Winner-2010 , Dracula Winner-2010, Czech Republic Club KPaCHP Winner -2010, Switzerland Club Winner-2010, Hungary Club Winner-2011, Bulgaria Club Winner-2011, Balkan Winner-2011,
Mediterranean Winner -2012, Balcan Veteran Winner-2015, Saarland Veteran Winner 2015
Veteran Champion in San Marino, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Germany (DPK)
Middle East European Veteran Champion 2015
60xCACIB in 30 countries
Group Winner, multi R.Group Winner, R.BIS Winner
4xBIS veteran (IDS), 2xBIS (NDS), 2xBIS veteran (special pudel show), R.BIS veteran (IDS), 2xR.BIS veteran (NDS), BIS-III veteran (IDS)
more 125xBOB in 40 countries, 16xBOB veteran

born 22.02.2007

Breeder: Renata Smyckova, kennel "Ytaner", CZ

all teeths

33 cm.

* ZTP (SKG): 23.11.2008  - 2016/02/22

* D`Aptitudes Naturelles - TAN: 9/10 (26/10/2008 a Nantes, Francia)

VetGen Colourtest: B/B , not carry the brown gene

(The dog is a non-carrier of the genetic mutation
that is responsible for the brown coat color.
the dog can not pass this mutation its offspring.)

Riproduzione selezionata (21.10. 2015, ENCI, Italy)


Health test:

* Luxating Patella: - 0/0 free (2009, 01.04.2013) 

* Prcd PRA (Optigen) - B

* Eye examination: free (has not a hereditary disease)

(06.10.2008, 29.12.2009, 03.06.2011, 22.12.2012, 10.05.2013, 2013/05/22)

* Gentest vWD Typ1 (Willebrand) Laboklin- N / N

* Tiroide canino (TSH) - normal (09.04.2009)

* Cardiovascular examination: Aortic stenosis- free, Pulmonary stenosis - free


 all tested children of  CH Qiulli Aurea Ytaner are with result Luxating Patella 0/0. They are tested in many countries and by many specialists.






Un cane unico nella sua bellezza, nella sua caratteristica indolo e spessore caratteriale.


60 Champion titles

Champion in 40 countries,

60xCACIB in 30 countries,

more 250 BOB in 40 countries

more 50xBOB veteran

 22 x veteran Best in Show






the mother of 9xC.I.B.

10 Champion offspring


  Riproduttrice selezionata (ENCI)

(apricot color) Qiulli with its (red color) son. Photo of Qiulli in the book "POODLE" (2012, Lorena Merati)

Germany show poodle calendar