born 08.08.2018


all teeth


* Cardiovascular examination: Aortic stenosis- free/0, Pulmonary stenosis-free/0, 
none signs of valvular disease 

* prcd PRA (Laboklin) - N/N ("A")

* PRA rcd4 (Laboklin) -N/N ("A)

* DM (Laboklin) -N/N ("A")

* Willebrand vWD Typ1  (Laboklin) - N/N ("A") 

* Colourtest (Laboklin) - B/B, not carry the brown gene

(The dog is a non-carrier of the genetic mutation  that is responsible for the brown coat color. the dog can not pass this mutation its offspring.)

 baby Champion of Montenegro 

BOB puppy in Slovakia, San Marino, Germany 

 puppy Champion og Germany (DPK)

 junior Champion in BiH, San Marino

7xBOB Junior (in BiH, San Marino, Belgium, Italy)

3xBOB (in BiH, Italy)

2xR.Best in Group (NDS)